• When attempting to view the data in a reference field, the field appears empty.

  • An attempt to build a query for the reference field where the reference is NOT empty is successful but the results from the list still appear empty.


The cause of this issue is an ACL at the level of the referenced table. For example, a user may have access to the caller field on the incident table; however, an ACL at the reference table level is preventing the data from being displayed. In this example, the referenced table is sys_user given that the caller field is a reference to the sys_user table.


  1. Identify the reference table.

    For example, if the field for which you are not able to view data is on the requested_by field, look at ACLs on the sys_user table because this field is a reference to that table.

  2. Check ACLs against the referenced table for an ACL that is blocking you from seeing the data in that single field.

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Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:16:12