When creating a Database View on the [ideas] table, the data is there, but the values for the Stage field are not displayed, unless it is the first column in the list view. But even when it is displayed, it does not show the icons, as it does when looking at the field in ideas list view (ideas.list).

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Activate the Project Portfolio Suite with Financials plugin.
  2. Create a new Database View.
  3. Enter at least 1 table in the database view: Ideas
  4. Use the 'Try it' related link to view results.
  5. Add the Stage fieldto the list view  if it is not there.

    > Current behavior: Only when the Stage field is the first selected column, it will show data, but not as in the table list view.


This is expected behavior and by design in all currently supported releases.

Decoration fields are meant only for the list views of the corresponding table. Decorations are not honored for the Database Views.

Related Problem: PRB1234037

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