Issue Summary

SLA stages are being set to "Completed" since upgrading to Jakarta


Most Probable Cause

Com.snc.sla.compatibility.breach is set to false


Solution Proposed

With the 2011 SLA engine running in Jakarta, the default for the 'com.snc.sla.compatibility.breach' property is set to False, this will cause the stage to show 'completed' and not 'breached' which we saw prior.

The behaviour seen is expected for the configuration compatibility.breach = False. If you would like to see the stage 'completed', then set com.snc.sla.compatibility.breach to true. Pls find further info explaining this property:

Some close considerations:

  • If enabling the 'com.snc.sla.compatibility.breach' property, ensure the 'com.snc.sla.engine.version' set to a value of 2011, and have "enable compatibility with 2010 'breached' stage for SLAs set to unchecked. The stage will be set to achieve/breached. 
  • If changing the property, it won't retroactively set the stages to achieved/breached. This will require a script to be executed to update the stages accordingly.


Article Information

Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:16:20