Demo Data Removal Process 


The following KB details the proper process for demo data removal. The general perception of demo data removal is that users correlate the removal of demo data with records likes case, problem, and change. However, in serviceNOW demo consists of both raw data (like task) and configuration data (like ACLS, roles, etc). It is very possible that a user can experience unexpected behavior with demo data removal as there could be configuration data like ACLs which fall under the category of configuration data that is being actively used and modified in an instance. The demo data process does not take into account customizations made to configuration records and this can lead to unexpected deletion of configuration data.

There are two uses cases for when to request demo data removal

  1. The instance where demo data is being requested is not yet live and no development work has been introduced into the instance
  2. The user is fully aware that demo data may remove records which are actively being used and the user has no concern with the outcome


If it is absolutely deemed necessary that a user needs to remove demo data here are the steps that should be followed. Additionally before any demo data removal request is submitted, the steps outlined below should be taken into consideration. 

  1. Request a clone of the instance where demo data needs to be removed to another sub-prod or available instance (support can provision temp instances as needed if the user has no available instance)
  2. Request demo data removal on the sub-production or temp instance
  3. Engage in heavy regression and user acceptance testing to ensure that all core functionality within the instance is working as expected
  4. Once testing has fully completed request demo data removal on the desired instance

Testing the demo data removal tool is highly advised and should be the first step before running the tool on the desired instance. 

Additional Information

Manual removal of demo data is also another option as most users are mainly interested in removing demo data around task records. if there is a specific table where there is some uncertainty around the outcome of a deletion please contact support.

Record deletions can trigger multiple cascade effects and having solid knowledge around this concept will help users to understand the aftermath of a particular record deletion. To learn more about cascade deletions please see the following product docs ('Configure cascade delete rules'

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