Issue Summary

When navigating to HR Administration > Manage HR Skills, the error message:  "Invalid Parent Skill or Parent Department" is displayed.

Probable Cause

The OOB Manage HR Skills module has the following arguments:


  • 7b0370019f22120047a2d126c42e706f is the sys_id of the OOB HR (cmn_skill) record

  • 93b25282c0a8000b0b55c8ab34e2f1e6 is the sys_id of the OOB HR (cmn_department) record

If either one of these records is missing in your instance, the error message will be displayed.


Solution Proposed

Possible Solutions

  1. Import the OOB HR Department or HR Skill
  2. You may also use the OOB HR Department as the parent department and associate all of the departments you'd wish to use as children below it. **You could also create your own parent department if you wish.**
  3. Append the sys_id of the desired department or skill to the "Manage HR Skills" module via the pencil icon displayed when accessing the module via the Filter Navigator.

Article Information

Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:16:24
cmn_department_93b25282c0a8000b0b55c8ab34e2f1e6 (OOB HR department).xmlcmn_skill_7b0370019f22120047a2d126c42e706f (OOB HR skill).xml