Domain Support: Dictionary Attributes


This article will discuss about key dictionary attributes that impact domain support.

Here are three key attributes:

1. global_visibility: If this attribute is present or true in dictionary collection record of any table, makes this table visible globally even if there are domain restrictions (that is, the sys_domain field has a value). This attribute can be added to table collection record that has sys_domain field. 

OOB this attribute is not present for any table, adding it to any table will be customization. All you need to do is add attribute global_visibility=true to collection record of table you want to restrict from domain separation.

2. no_separation: If this attribute is present or true, marks the table as not participating in domain separation. This attribute need to be added on collection record on any table and when domain separation will enable this will never be separated/domain aware. 

3. domain_master: This attribute is to derive domain from parent table. domain_master need to be added on child table to derive domain from its parent table. The domain_master attribute ensures that the domain between a child and parent record remain the same as the domain for the child is derived from the specified reference field.

Here is an example of table that use domain_master:

Workflow tables use domain_master attribute, see screenshot:

a. As you can see collection record of wf_activity has attribute domain_master=workflow_version. Which means it is pointing to a reference field 'workflow_version' which is referencing to 'Workflow Version' table.

b. If you look in workflow version table this table doesnt have sys_domain field as well. Now lets see from where workflow version is getting its domain separation. In screenshot pasted above wf_workflow_version (Workflow Version) table also has domain_master attribute domain_master=workflow.This is again pointing to workflow reference field which is referencing to Workflow table that has sys_domain field 

So sys_domain is derived from wf_workflow table to wf_activity and wf_workflow_activity.

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