While processing the "skip duplicates" logic in the Identification Engine, memory issues can occur due to high numbers of duplicates.
What jobs/transactions run the "skip duplicates" logic? 
Any CMDB-related job that is triggering the Identification Engine to check for duplicates might be at risk. Example jobs include (but are not limited to) ASYNC: Discovery - Sensor, Horizontal Discovery Sensor, and CMDB Health Dashboard - Correctness Score Calculation.
On an instance that is processing a problematic job consuming high amounts of memory, you might experience general performance issues such as:
  • High response times loading pages
  • 429 errors
  • Lack of accessibility

Note – Duplicates are defined using the identification rules. They are therefore instance specific meaning that there is no easy way to query for duplicates.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create 50k+ duplicate CI records (by identification rules).

  2. Run the CMDB Health Dashboard - Correctness Score Calculation scheduled job, or anything else that triggers the Identification Engine to check for duplicates.

    Observe that the memory in use on the node processing the schedule job climbs until the node starts to have performance issues.



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Related Problem: PRB1251315

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Jakarta Patch 8
Kingston Patch 3

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