Issue Summary

In Jakarta Patch 7 instacne, HR Case is removing several states from the "State" field while saving new cases. 
 Before Jakarta release, had following HR Case States available when the Case was in Assigned state:
- Open
- Assigned
- Work in Progress
- Resolved (OTB this is Awaiting Acceptance)
- Cancelled
- Pending

After Jakarta, the following States are available when the case is in Assigned:
- Open
- Assigned
- Cancelled
- Pending


Most Probable Cause


There is OOTB client script called 'Restrict state changes' is responsible for hiding the other choices when state is changed to 'Assigned'. 


Solution Proposed

The intention of the client is to restrict the invalid state transitions. If state is currently "Draft", only allow Ready, Closed Incomplete, Closed, Cancelled. If state is currently "Awaiting Approval", allow only Ready, Closed Incomplete, Closed, and Cancelled" 

I tried disabling the client script and checked, Now I am able to see all the choices even though state is set to 'Assigned' 

After successful testing I reverted the changes by making it active again. If you want all the choices to be displayed when state is in 'Assigned' Please make this client script inactive. 

***Since this client script is not available in Istanbul, By default we are able to see all the choices even when state was changed to 'Assigned'. 


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