• Previewing an update set on Jakarta displays a message in preview problems indicating that there is a local change which is newer than the change from the remote update set
  • Reviewing the actual local update on the target shows that the changes are actually older than what is being brought over from the source based off of the sys_updated_on field




The behavior for this is expected as there has been a change in the update set engine where we are no longer using the time of an update to determine whether or not changes have been made. The logic used now is more in line with source control practices. Any update set that is being brought over from a source instance to a target instance will always produce a collision error if there changes were made to the same record in both target and source instances regardless if the changes on the target is newer or older than the updates on the source. The engine now treats this as a merge conflict similar to what is seen with source control.


The user, administrator, or developer needs to determine which changes to keep and then apply these as needed.


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Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:16:37