Client ID and channel parameters are not passed to Google Maps. The integration ignores the Client ID and the channel is always "no_instance_name".

Steps to Reproduce

  1. In a browser with Developer Tools - Network, open Developer Tools and navigate to the Network tab.

  2. Search for "Location Map" in the navigator.

  3. Once the page is loaded, filter the results by searching for "js?v=" on developer tools.

    In the OOB instance, the Client ID defined by System Property "google.maps.client" is gme-servicenow, and the channel should always be the instance name defined by the instance_name system property.

    You will see a URL similar to the following example:



To revert back the previous Google Maps functionality in the Helsinki release, create the google.maps.map_page_version system property and set the value to "helsinki".

For more information, see the product documentation topic Add system properties.


Related Problem: PRB1235648

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