${SP} is not getting evaluated to space in UI page when invoked via glideDialog window.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Open incident list
  2. Configure client scripts
  3. Create new client script > on change listener > select a field value
  4. Create a glide dialog window object with the OOB UI page glide_confirm_basic
  5. Cet title with some string containing ${SP}. Ex: "You have changed the${SP}<b>Partner type</b>"
  6. Navigate to the incident form and change the field value on which on change client script is written.
  7. Glide dialog window appears with ${SP} not evaluated.

    To use the update set to see the behavior:

    Step 1: Import the update set in OOB Jakarta instance and OOB Kingston Instance
    Step 2: Committ the update set
    Step 3: Navigate to incident for and change the assigned to from one user to another or from empty to another user
    Step 4: Notice a glide modal window opens and then the ${SP} is evaluated in Jakarta instance but not in Kingston.


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