When calling the attachment popup window in a content page, it will appear at the top of a form and not in the viewport if the top of the form has scrolled off the window.


Steps to Reproduce


  • Modify any catalog item to include a button for attachments at the bottom, the longer the form the easier the problem is to see.
  • Include that item in an ESS page.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the ESS page and click the attachments button.
  • The 'Add attachment' window will appear at the top of the form regardless if the top of the form is visible.


Modify your custom UI Macro adding "parent.scrollTo(0, 0);" in the "onclick" before the attachment popup button.

For example:

<button id="attachmentButton" onclick="saveCatAttachment(gel('sysparm_item_guid').value, '$[item_table]')">Add attachment</button>

Change to: 

<button id="attachmentButton" onclick="parent.scrollTo(0, 0); saveCatAttachment(gel('sysparm_item_guid').value, '$[item_table]')">Add attachment</button> 

Related Problem: PRB634811

Seen In

Fuji Patch 10
Geneva Patch 4
Helsinki Patch 6 Hot Fix 1

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