An opt-in subscribed recipient that is filtered out is logged but references to cmn_notif_message are shown instead of the new sys_notif_subscription table, which is used.

The following message will appear in the email logs:

Notification 'Incident Commented Subscribable' (e94da1710f4707007575e709b1050e3f) excluded recipients 
because user's notification preference "Filter" filtered it (see "cmn_notif_message.notification_filter"):
'Fred Luddy' (5137153cc611227c000bbd1bd8cd2005)

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Ensure that the glide.notification.use_legacy_subscription_model system property is set to false.

  2. Create a subscribable notification.

    For more information, see the product documentation topic Subscription-based notifications.

  3. Add a hard-coded recipient to ensures that the email is created despite the subscribed user being filtered.

  4. Subscribe a user and add an advanced filter that will prevent the user from receiving the notification.

  5. Trigger the notification.

    Note the logging for the excluded subscribed user.


Administrators: Validate sys_notif_subscription instead of cmn_notif_message regarding the errors.

Related Problem: PRB1246760

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