When variables have read or write roles, unexpected behavior will happen on the [sc_req_item] or [sc_task] records. A JavaScript console error is thrown when a user tries to view a RITM for which the user does not have read role permission to one of its variables. The error disappears if the variable editor is removed from the [sc_req_item] or [sc_task] record, or if the roles are removed from the variables.

Catalog Client scripts might not apply correctly, or Catalog UI policies might not apply correctly.

When applying admin to write_roles on a variable, and a UI policy is making the variable mandatory on the [sc_task] record. As ITIL user, there is an unexpected behavior when setting the work_notes field on the task to mandatory via g_form.setMandatory(). The visual cue does not display, and the record complains about not have a value in the work_notes field when saving.

When a variable has admin write role, and a Catalog UI policy is using it to apply UI actions this fails for an ITIL user, on the [sc_req_item] record.


Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a variable in a catalog item having ITIL as read role.
  2. Create a user, having role action_designer.
  3. Enable two-step checkout.
  4. Order catalog item for the newly created user.
  5. Impersonate to the new user, open the RITM.
  6. Open console in browser - and notice the error.

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'value' of null
    at e.isFieldValueBlank (SCVariableCheckboxElement.jsx?v=02-20-2018_2030:93)
    at e.isChecked (SCVariableCheckboxElement.jsx?v=02-20-2018_2030:98)
    at e._isCheckboxGroupMandatory (ServiceCatalogForm17.jsx?v=02-20-2018_2030:1069)
    at e._isCheckboxGroupMandatory (ServiceCatalogForm17.jsx?v=02-20-2018_2030:1054)
    at e.getMissingFields (ServiceCatalogForm17.jsx?v=02-20-2018_2030:152)
    at e.getMissingFields (GlideForm14.jsx?v=02-20-2018_2030:950)
    at e.markMandatoryTabs (GlideTabs2.jsx?v=02-20-2018_2030:415)
    at e.startCatchingMandatory (GlideTabs2.jsx?v=02-20-2018_2030:406)
    at fireEvent (CustomEventManager.jsx?v=02-20-2018_2030:154)
    at (CustomEventManager.jsx?v=02-20-2018_2030:109)


This problem is fixed in the London release.

See also the related article KB0680152 - UI policies and client scripts behaving differently after upgrading to Kingston


Related Problem: PRB1255600

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Kingston Patch 8

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