JavaScript console error, when the user tries to view RITM if the user does not have read role permission to one of its variables. The error disappears if the variable editor is removed from the [sc_req_item] or [sc_task] record, or if the roles are removed from the variables.

Catalog Client scripts might not apply correctly, or Catalog UI policies might not apply correctly.

When applying admin to write_roles on a variable, and a UI policy is making the variable mandatory on the [sc_task] record. As ITIL user, there is an unexpected behavior when setting the work_notes field on the task to mandatory via g_form.setMandatory(). The visual cue does not display, and the record complains about not have a value in the work_notes field when saving.

When a variable has admin write role, and a Catalog UI policy is using it to apply UI actions this fails for an ITIL user, on the [sc_req_item] record.


Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a variable in a catalog item having ITIL as read role.
  2. Create a user, having role action_designer.
  3. Enable two-step checkout.
  4. Order catalog item for the newly created user.
  5. Impersonate to the new user, open the RITM.
  6. Open console in browser - and notice the error.

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'value' of null
    at e.isFieldValueBlank (SCVariableCheckboxElement.jsx?v=02-20-2018_2030:93)
    at e.isChecked (SCVariableCheckboxElement.jsx?v=02-20-2018_2030:98)
    at e._isCheckboxGroupMandatory (ServiceCatalogForm17.jsx?v=02-20-2018_2030:1069)
    at e._isCheckboxGroupMandatory (ServiceCatalogForm17.jsx?v=02-20-2018_2030:1054)
    at e.getMissingFields (ServiceCatalogForm17.jsx?v=02-20-2018_2030:152)
    at e.getMissingFields (GlideForm14.jsx?v=02-20-2018_2030:950)
    at e.markMandatoryTabs (GlideTabs2.jsx?v=02-20-2018_2030:415)
    at e.startCatchingMandatory (GlideTabs2.jsx?v=02-20-2018_2030:406)
    at fireEvent (CustomEventManager.jsx?v=02-20-2018_2030:154)
    at Object.fire (CustomEventManager.jsx?v=02-20-2018_2030:109)


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Related Problem: PRB1255600

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