The size of the ZZQUESTION_CACHEYY was increased from 500 to 50000 to to allow faster form loading and less caching cleanup. A known issue causes runtime objects associated with the question to be retained in the object stored in the cache. As a result, the size of each of the objects is significant and starts to consume significant portions of the memory. Prior to the cache size increase, the volume was low enough so that the impact on memory still existed; however, due to the volume of items allowed in the cache, it did not appear to impact memory in a noticeable way.

Steps to Reproduce


This issue is data dependent and occurs when the Question table has 500 or more entries.


  1. Add a new system property with the following values:

    • Name: glide.cache.size.ZZQUESTION_CACHEYY
    • Type: Integer
    • Value: 500
  2. Flush the existing cache by navigating to /


Related Problem: PRB1250774

Seen In

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Fixed In

Jakarta Patch 9
Kingston Patch 4
Kingston Patch 5

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