Notifications sent when "Record inserted or updated" are not triggered if the SLA associated fails


On some cases, tables with SLA generation, the notification trigger by the engine on tables insert or update, are not triggered.


This problem is recognized when:

  • The table is an extension to task (e.g. incident, change_management, etc) and has SLAs definitions created.
  • Notifications generated by tables Update or Insert are not triggered.
  • If the notification sent when is set to event is fired, they are triggered correctly.
  • On the node localhost, when the business rule logging is enabled, script execution of some engines (before engines or after engines) does not appear on the table insert/update.
  • If you stop the Business rule Run SLAs, the problem no longer happens.

Some SLA processing could stop the execution of the scripts executed after the Run SLAs business rule. If the execution is stopped, the notifications are not triggered as expected.


If facing this behavior, either:

  • Modify the notification to execute when a event is fired and select the <table>.inserted or <table>.updated accordingly
  • Stop any problematic SLA from executing.



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Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:16:51