In early Helsinki it was possible to get auto complete suggestions with incomplete words typed into the Service Catalog search field. Since Istanbul, the auto complete suggestion only works when the entire word is entered.

Steps to Reproduce


1. Log into an OOB Kingston/Jakarta/Istanbul instance
2. Make sure that the property is set to true (default value)
2. Go to Self Service > Service Catalog
3. In the Service Catalog search field, type "ema" as incomplete word for "email"

Notice there are no auto complete suggestions being listed until the entire word "email" is typed in.


This is expected behaviour. The Typeahead feature did not use the keyword search before, so the results provided never matched the results from a normal keyword search. During Helsinki patching, the Typeahead catalog search has been modified to move consistently to keyword search. This is now the new behaviour and is the same throughout other keyword searches for catalog.

Related Problem: PRB1250958

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