Symptom and behavior

Data is not displayed for the report columns that dot-walk from hidden extended fields. The data in other columns appear as expected.


Steps to reproduce

  1. Navigate to System Properties > UI Properties.

  2. Locate the property Allow base table lists (task, cmdb_ci, etc.) to include extended table fields (incident_state, os_version, etc.), and allow filtering on extended table fields (glide.ui.list.allow_extended_fields).

  3. Select the check box to enable extended fields on parent table lists.

  4. Navigate to Report > Create new.

  5. Choose hr_task table as the data source.

  6. Select the type List.

  7. In the Available column, select and expand the Case field. Scroll down to Hide Extended Fields section, select and expand the Opened For [Service Order] field.

    Note: if you cannot see the Hide Extended Fields section, run to clear the cache first.

  8. Select Name and First Name and move them to the Selected list.

  9. Run the report.

    Note that there is no data for Case.Opened For [Service Order].Name and Case.Opened For [Service Order].First Name in the report.



Add the column Case.Opened For [Service Order] into the Selected list.

The data will appear.


If you can upgrade, note that this issue does not occur in the Kingston release.


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