A custom UI action on change request table to close a change breaks after jakarta upgrade. When you close the change that is in review state, page reloads the but the state on the change does not move to 'Closed' The change remains on Review state.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. On an Istanbul version instance, go to change_request.list and make sure you have some changes in Review state that are ready to be closed.

  2. Go to UI actions for Change_request table and create a new custom UI action for Close.

    You can export an existing Close action and change the sys_id, and import the attached XML file.

  3. De-activate the original OOB UI action.

  4. For the new active Close UI action, add script code to alert the user that the close code and close notes are mandatory.

    Refer to the attached Close UI action XML file.

  5. Save the changes to a UI action.

  6. Go to change_request.list and open a change that is in Review state.

  7. Click on the Close button, fill out the mandatory fields, and click the Close button again.

    Note that in Istanbul, the State changes to Closed.

  8. Upgrade this instance to Jakarta Patch 1 HF1 version

  9. After a successful upgrade, repeat the steps and attempt to close the change.

    Note that the page reloads but the State does not change to Closed', and the change is still in Review state.




Rename any custom UI actions with duplicate action names to make sure that the action name is unique

Related Problem: PRB1172924

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Jakarta Patch 1 Hot Fix 1

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