Issue Summary

Some fields have the "no_audit" attribute set to true OOB. If an administrator desires to have this field audited, they can remove the no_audit attribute. However, this will be overwritten in the next upgrade. Setting the "no_audit" attribute to false retains the same behavior: auditing is blocked for this field.


Most Probable Cause

The "no_audit" attribute ignores the true or false portion, and checks only for its presence. Therefore, setting no_audit=false does not work, and still blocks auditing from the field. 


Solution Proposed


Instead, reconfigure the table to use Auditing Whitelisting instead of Blacklisting (no_audit). This way, admins are able to specify exactly which fields to audit, and it will not be overwritten in an upgrade. 


Refer to the following docs pages for instructions on setting up Auditing Whitelisting:


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Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:17:14