Issue Summary

On a record, checking or unchecking on a checkbox field and then saving it does not save, or variables on the variable editor on a [sc_req_item] or [sc_task] record do not get saved or behave oddly, e.g. magnifying glass on a reference variable does not work.

User might get an error on the client console: Uncaught TypeError: g_form.addCatalogSubmit is not a function 


Most Probable Cause

Form layout has duplicate fields selected. This, in turn, will have the field show up multiple times on the form, including in different sections.


Solution Proposed

From the form with the issue: 

  1. Click on the context menu
  2. Configure > Form Layout
  3. Make sure the same field does not show up twice as selected in the slush bucket

The form may have multiple sections, so check all sections, the same field can NOT show up twice even in a different section.

Article Information

Last Updated:2018-11-27 13:53:50