How to edit or translate the standard chat responses added when someone joins or leaves the conversation


When an agent or end user leaves or enters the chat support session, there are default messages which are sent by the user about thier actions. 
For example, when leaving a chat session the message <User_Name> has left the support session is added, and this may not have an out of the box translation, or you may wish to edit it to something else. 

To Reproduce

  1. Install I18N French Language and switch to that language.
  2. Start and then end a Connect Support session.
  3. Notice the message related to you leaving is not translated to French.



The issue is that the translations for the following keys (and possibly others) were not included: 

{0} has closed the support session 
{0} has left the support session
{0} has rejoined the support session 
Transferring back to the {0} queue 
Escalating to the {0} queue 



To resolve this issue or to edit the default messages, create sys_ui_message records with the message you want to edit as the Key, and the translation or new message as the Message. 


For example, create the following record in sys_ui_message to make sure the first key above is translated: 

Key: {0} has closed the support session 
Language: French 
Message: {0} a clôturé la session de support


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Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:17:19