Process detection fails on certain OS types during pattern execution. When discovery patterns are run against Linux servers, during the Process Detection phase, the ps command used to retrieve the command line attributes for the running process ireturns all port processes ather than retuning only the process details for the specified port. Therefore, the remainder of the pattern does not have the correct information to complete the mapping accurately. As a result, items can be misclassified as Generic Application or not classified at all.

During the Process Detection of the Service Mapping discovery, note whether the following SSH command to detect the process is being used for a non-Macintosh machine:

lsof -n -i4TCP:80 | grep LISTEN | awk '{print $2}'

This command should be used only for Macintosh machines.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Go to the Mapping Discovery Commands (sa_mapping_ext_commands).

  2. Look for "process on port - mac".

    Notice whether the Operating System Type shows numbers.



  1. Go to the Mapping Discovery Commands (sa_mapping_ext_commands) and look for "process on port - mac".

  2. Open the record.

  3. Unlock the Operating System Type.

  4. Make sure the list contain only the following items:

  5. Do a Run discovery or Resume discovery for the business service again.

Related Problem: PRB1242240

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Jakarta Patch 7
Kingston Patch 1

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