Issue Summary

When a workflow is cloned from PROD to DEV, the Stage_field attached to the workflow is erased whenever the condition or name of the workflow is changed.

Most Probable Cause

The Type of the field in the table against which the workflow runs should always be Workflow in order for the field to qualify as a stage_field. If the field is of any other type, such as String, it does not qualify as a stage_field. When a workflow is cloned and the stage_field in the original workflow is not of type Workflow, it will run properly until you make any changes to the workflow properties. Once a change is made to the workflow properties, such as a change in name or condition, the stage_field that was previously referring to a field in the table will be erased. The workflow stages will therefore not be updated in the table field.

Solution Proposed

The type of the field in the table that is to be used as a stage_field should always be of the type Workflow. If you are not able to set the type as Workflow:

  1. Make sure that the TYPE value of the field has a reference specified to "Field class" in the Dictionary entry.

  2. Navigate to Workflow > Workflow Editor and open the workflow.

  3. In the title bar, click the context menu icon (hamburger icon) and choose Properties.

  4. In the Stages tab, set the stage_field to <field_name>.


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Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:17:27