The 'On-Call Assign by Acknowledgement' workflow can result in an error where an "Array object has exceeded maximum permitted size of 524288000".

This occurs when the 'Log Error' activity from the workflow is executed owing to the 'Send SMS' activity failing to contact members of the on-call rotation.


Steps to Reproduce


When the workflow attempts to 'Send SMS' to group members that are not verified an error is logged via the 'Log Error' activity
  • Configure instance for Notify
  • Define an On-Call Rota with some a few rosters and members that have unverified phone numbers, make it a 24/7 rota so that someone is available
  • Define a Trigger rule, that is executed on open of an incident, ensure the assignment group is set according to the on-call rota and that the On-Call: Assign by Acknowledgement workflow is associated
  • Open an Incident that will trigger the rule
  • Workflow 'On-Call Assign by Acknowledgement' should now be attached and will eventually attempt to contact the primary on-call
  • Once the workflow fails to 'Send SMS' to group members it should execute the 'Log Error' activity, which will eventually encounter it's own error:
    • "Array object has exceeded maximum permitted size of 524288000"


The script in the 'Log Error' activity of "On-Call Assign by Acknowledgement" workflow needs to be updated to address the issue.
This component has been fixed in Kingston. On older releases, the workaround is as follows: 
1. Checkout the 'On-Call Assign by Acknowledgement' workflow.
2. Go to 'Log Error' run script activity.
3. Do the following modifications in the for loop -
for (var i = 0; i < workflow.scratchpad.activityLog.length; i++) { 
Change To:
for (var i = 0; i < workflow.scratchpad.sendSMSErrors.length; i++) { 
The change is to the for-loop, the length property should be retrieved from workflow.scratchpad.sendSMSErrors instead of workflow.scratchpad.activityLog
Note : There are two 'Log Error' activities in the workflow. Make sure to change at both the places.

Related Problem: PRB1157177

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