Language translations are not working correctly for Approval History messages in Journal fields on task records.

Steps to Reproduce

0. Login any instance as administrator.
1. Activate some foreign language plugins like 'I18N: Russian Translations' or 'I18N: Portuguese Translations'.
2. Navigate to sc_task.list
3. Open a catalog task record.
4. Configure the available fields in the activity and make sure the 'Approval History' is added.
5. Open a catalog task record that is in Open state.
6. Add an Approver to the record in the related list section. 
7. Impersonate the Approver and approve the record.
8. Go back as admin and open the same record again.
9. From the System Settings change the instance language to 'Russian'.
10. Open the catalog task record and notice the approval history is not getting translated, but shows in English.


This issue has been identified as a future platform enhancement. Language plugins only translate forms field labels, choices, translated text/html and UI Messages. The approval history is part of journal field types that can not be translated in the current versions. 


Related Problem: PRB719936

Seen In

Helsinki Patch 5
Helsinki Patch 6

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