Large Service Catalog categories cause performance issues when viewed through Service Portal

Changes in Kingston to the SC Catalog Page widget

To improve performance, beginning with Kingston, pagination limits the number of items that are initially loaded on the SC Catalog page. In the following screen shot of the SC Catalog Page widget, note that only the first nine items in the category are loaded. Clicking the Show More button expands the number of items displayed from 9 to 18.



Although the added pagination in Kingston improves the end user experience by initially loading only the first 9 items in the category, extremely large Service Catalog categories respond slowly when the user continues to click the Show More button. Each time the Show More button is clicked, 9 more items are loaded along with all of the items that were previously loaded. For example, if the Show More button is clicked 10 times, on the last click, Service Portal will load 99 items: the original 9 that were loaded on page load plus 9 x the number of clicks.


Try to keep your Service Catalog categories to around 100 items or fewer.

The added pagination feature in Kingston improves the end user experience if you have a relatively small number categories. However, for amounts of 100 items or more, performance suffers and end users have to page more than 10 times to browse the items in the category.

Note – If you are unable to upgrade to Kingston to take advantage of this built-in feature and would like to implement a paginated solution in the SC Catalog Page widget in releases prior to Kingston, see Community article Service Portal: Pagination in Service Catalog.


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