The error "Choice field value for <table_name.field_name> rejected: <value>" happens while trying to insert the choice field value of more than 40 characters via import set.

Error received

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Create a field 'it_component_category_l3u_level_3' of type choice in the task table.
    1.1 Add the value of more than 40 characters to that choice field. e.g. "Vulnerability Remediation (Security Related Risks)". This works fine on the interface
  2. Create a excel file with columns number, and u_level_3

    INC000002 Vulnerability Remediation (Security Related Risks)
  3. Create a data source from the excel file. Click "load all records"
  4. Once the import set table is created, create the transform map with the target table as incident, and have the choice action as "reject" in the field map of the choice field. Map number = number, u_level_3 = it_component_category_l3u_level_3
    6. Transform the data

    Now you will find the error in the import set rows

    We expected the system would throw valid error that the field value exceeded the choice field value limit or work like on the UI interface that allow larger values.
    However, it throws a misleading "rejection" error, so it is hard to find the reason for rejection.

    Note: The above mentioned issue doesn't happens when we update the field manually via UI and we are successfully able to update the field, this happens only if we try to insert the choice field record of more than 40 characters through import set.



Please ensure all the choice values are 40 or less than 40 characters. The labels can be longer, but the values are limited on the system itself.

Related Problem: PRB1250700

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