Submitting a new incident with a CI selected and Major Incident checked may cause the form transaction to process slowly or time out.

Creating an Incident Alert from Incident form may also behave slowly or time out.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Open an incident related to many configuration items.
  2. Create an incident alert.

The system times out as it loops through each configuration item.



This problem is fixed in Jakarta and onwards.

In order to check whether your instance is affected by this PRB, you can activate the business rules debug and check whether 'MapUpstreamImpactedCI' (sys_id=cf2f08a2eb333000eac006a2f206fe0e) is behaving slowly.

Alternatively, you can check the CI relationships table [cmdb_rel_ci] for inconsistencies. For example, having an empty parent or child field in any of the rows is an indicative something is not properly defined. Or if the table is massive, there is high chances that is affected by the PRB. Loops are harder to detect by just looking at the table.

If an upgrade is not possible, import the XML file attached to this article. This replaces the invoked Script Include causing the recursive lookup loop in the old version.

Related Problem: PRB714202

Seen In

Helsinki Patch 4

Fixed In


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