Customizing the Process Flow Formatter


The process flow formatter provides a graphical summary of the stages in a process. The formatter is typically shown at the top of forms that are part of a process.

Each record on the Flow Formatter [sys_process_flow] table represents a process stage and can have a different condition applied to it. When specified conditions are fulfilled, the formatter highlights the current stage and all previous stages.

Here is what the process flow formatter looks like out of box on a change request record:



You can see the stages are listed in order and the active stage is underlined and not grayed out like the other stages.

To customize what is shown in a process flow formatter such as the out of box one for change request you can take the following actions:

1)  Go to System UI -> Process Flow in the System Navigation pane

2)  Filter those records for the ones that are dealing with the desired table such as change_request table.

3) Insert a new record as desired. Use the Order field to control where it appears and the condition field to show when it appears. You can use the other records there as an example. The order and condition should be distinct from all other records for that particular table.


Check out the documentation page below for more information:

Process flow formatter


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