When a two-way encrypted field Password is not populated on a record, the form still renders a masked value in the text box, creating confusion for users, and not allowing options to set or check if mandatory or if auto-populated.


Steps to Reproduce


1. Create a new field on the Incident table, of type Password (2 way encrypted)
2. Add the field to the default view on the Incident form.
3. Create a new incident record. Do not populate the new password field.
4. Save the new incident record. Observe the Password field content shows asterisks, as if auto-populated with some value in the background.
5. If running a background script to query the content of the password field, this shows blank.


This behaviour is by design. As a workaround, you can create a new UI Policy as follows:

- No conditions
- Run Script = Checked

- Execute Script if true:
var gr = new GlideRecord("<table>");

Related Problem: PRB1250313

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