How to create a text search list view for a particular table



When performing a global search in a ServiceNow instance, the various task lists returned by the query will first attempt to locate a list view that is associated to the Text Search. If that is not found, the system will use the list for the table that is associated to the Default view. Administrators can create Text Search view versions of lists to control exactly what columns appear when doing a global search.

To create a text search view for a particular table you may take the following actions:


1)  Access the instance as an administrator

2)  Go to the list of records for the table in question. For example, if you wanted to do this for incidents you would go to any list of incident records or directly with the URL:

3)  If you are using List v2 then right click in the white space between two column headers and select Configure -> List Layout



If you are using list v3 then choose the three bar icon at the top and select List Layout


4) Once the list layout window is displayed click the View name drop down field and choose New from the bottom of drop down menu as follows:



5) Enter "Text search" into the Create New View popup window as follows:


6)  Click the OK button

7)  Add/Remove fields from the Selected slushbucket to get the desired fields into the list

8) Click the Save button

That will now create the desired list view to be used when global text searches are done against that particular table.


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