When renewing a contract, the "Contract History" does not get created after the approval is completed, but on just a dummy update later of the contract record, then the history gets properly updated.


Steps to Reproduce


- Open a contract which is not in draft state.
- Select Renew.
- Select a start date before current date so the changes applies immediately after approval.
- Open the approval record and approve the renew.
- Open the contract again and validate that the contract's start and end dates have changed but there is no new entry on "Contract History" list.
- Without making any changes, save the contract and check the new entry on "Contract History".


This problem will be fixed in the London release. As a workaround, perform the following steps:

1 - Open the Business Rule "ContractHistory"
2 - Set the execution Order to 115
3 - Save the record
4 - Flush the instance cache (/
5 - Remove the Customer Update [sys_update_xml] entry generated to avoid to skip the official patch


Related Problem: PRB1249918

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