Since Geneva, Transform Map 'onStart' event scripts can no longer declare global variables across the transform event scripts.
Objects that are initialized in OnStart events of Transform Map are not available further down in other events of mapping.
Imports fail with the following error:

"transformRun" is not defined.
Since the function has been added to the transform map event scripts, for example: 
(function runTransformScript(source, map, log, target /*undefined onStart*/) { } 

Steps to Reproduce


The scenario described in the obsolete Geneva documentation on this, to declare the LDAP utils in an onStart and onAfter, does not work any more.


You can no longer declare variables in an onStart that can be read in another transform map event script , for instance an onBefore or onAfter. You now have to run what you used to run in the onStart in the onAfter.



This is expected behaviour. A runTransformScript function template has been added for scripts in the new Transform Event Script record form. The recommended practice is to not use global variables inside transform map event scripts. If global variables are needed, they can be declared outside function template and passed in, and the previous template will have to be removed.

Useful documentation: 

Map with transformation event scripts

PRB633362/KB0676966: The [error] variable does not persist in an [onAfter] script in transform map.

PRB633363/KB0595652: [action] variable is not available in [field map] script in transform map in Fuji


Related Problem: PRB669502

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Geneva Patch 5

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