The password reset verification Personal Data - Enter Email Address mistakenly became case-sensitive.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. In Password Reset Process, select Personal Data - Enter Email Address as a Verification method.

  2. Enter an email address that does not match the case of the email address on the user record.

    Note that the email address does not pass the verification step.




This problem was fixed in Kingston, however another related problem on the forgot password feature is only fixed n the next London release.

If you are unable to upgrade, modify the script include PwdVerifyPersonalDataProcessor: in line 78 and line 81, replace equals with equalsIgnoreCase.
Make sure replace on upgrade is set to true so it can be replaced during future upgrade.
If already in Kingston, after completing the password reset process, when clicking on the received email link, you receive the error "Security restricted when invoking processor", please apply the workaround described in PRB1237204/KB0679485.

Related Problem: PRB1069427

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Jakarta Patch 9

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