Updates of field names greater than 40 characters are not displayed in the activity stream.


Steps to Reproduce

  1. Go to any form view, for example, incident.

  2. Right-click in the header and choose Configure > Form Layout.

  3. Add a custom field in the Create new field section.

    1. Use any field type.
    2. Enter a name with more than 40 characters (for example, 'This is a custom field with a very long name').
    3. Click Add, then click Save.
  4. Click the filter icon next to the Activity field and click Configure Available Fields.

  5. Move the newly created field from the Available to Selected slushbucket and click Save.

  6. If the field isn't selected yet, click on the filter icon and select the field.

  7. While in the form layout, modify the newly created field.

    Note that the update can't be seen in the activity stream.



If the field doesn't include reference values:

  1. Go to /sys_storage_alias_list.do and find the storage alias of the problematic field.

  2. Go to /sys_properties_list.do and find the activity.fields record for the problematic table. glide.ui.<TableName>_activity.fields.

  3. Update its value by replacing <FieldColumnName> with 'ALIAS:<FieldStorageAlias>'



Related Problem: PRB1249729

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