If a user opens the Chat Support URL during scheduled times, they are still able to enter their question after time expires on the queue's schedule. The user will see "Waiting for an Agent..." even though the queue could be closed for the day, weekend, or other time period.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Activate the Connect Support plugin.

  2. Navigate to Collaboration > Support Administration > Queues.

  3. Click New and create a test support queue with the name "Test Queue" and any Assignment Group.

  4. Expand the Schedule reference picker.

  5. Select New and provide a name.

  6. Drill into the schedule record from the queue form.

  7. In the schedule's Schedule Entries related list, click New and provide the following values:

    • Name: any (for example, "x to n entry")
    • When: select a time of day before current time
    • To: select a time of day approaching (ex: current time + 15 minutes)
    • Repeats: any (for example, Every Weekday (Mon-Fri))
  8. Click the gear icon in the upper right and ensure you're in an appropriate time zone.

  9. Navigate to the Test Queue form and copy the Support Link's URL.

  10. Impersonate a user (for example, the ITIL user).

  11. Use the Support Link URL to navigate to the Test Queue welcome page.

  12. Confirm you have the option to submit an inquiry to the support queue.

  13. Wait until time expires on the queue's schedule.

  14. Enter your inquiry to the queue.

    Note that despite being outside the schedule's "To" value, the text is submitted and the message "Waiting for an agent..." is displayed.

    Note: You can open another browser session as an Agent to validate the queue entries still come in.




Potential workarounds:

  • Create a business rule on a chat_queue_entry that would stop a new entry from creating during off hours
  • Create a business rule that listens for live messages off hours and prevents a queue from creating
  • Combination of both - blocking a queue and generating a new live message back to a user that would inform them about off hours

Related Problem: PRB748843

Seen In

Helsinki Patch 6

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