In Connect, attachments can show up on unrelated conversations if a different chat user uploads, emails, or exports the file.

The business rule managing Connect's attachments does not verify if the table_sys_id exists on the record before attempting to notify the conversation. This results in the first non-document conversation (as ordered by the database) being notified of attachment uploads by a blank user.


Steps to Reproduce


Scenario 1

  1. Find the "first" conversation.

  2. In another browser, log in as a member of that conversation.

  3. In your primary browser, upload the attached business rule labelled BREAK_ATTACHMENTS_BUSINESS_RULE.xml.

  4. As the primary user, attempt to upload an attachment in Connect.

    Note that instead of the attachment being seen only in the conversation in which you sent the attachment, the "first" conversation gets an AMB update about the new record (and pops up the conversation in your secondary browser).

    Note: The GlideRecord request being made after the business rule is as follows. (If you run it in Scripts Background you should be able to determine which user to log in as to see the new message):

    var groupGR = new GlideRecord("live_group_profile");
    groupGR.addQuery("document", null);
    groupGR.addQuery("type", "!=", "support");
    if( {


Scenario 2

  1. Start a Connect user to user conversation between 2 ITIL users.

  2. Impersonate an admin user in a seperate browser and go to a list, making sure the query returns a large chunk of data.

  3. Right-click on the list and choose Export CSV or Export XML.

  4. Select the Email option for exporting the file and not download.

    In case you do not see the Email option, set the Export CSV Format to a lower row count limit (glide.csv.export.limit), which will trigger the email pop-up window.

  5. After a few seconds to let the email get sent, then continue the conversation between the two connect users.

    Note that the exported file gets temporarily added to the connect conversation as added by the Admin user that exported the CSV file.

    The file attachment is removed from the connect conversation if you refresh the page.




This problem is fixed in Kingston. On older releases please follow the steps below to install the provided workaround business rule:

  1. Log in to instance as admin.
  2. Go to any list view.
  3. From the column header, right-click and choose Import XML.
  4. Import the attached file PRB947429_workaround.xml.

Related Problem: PRB947429

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Helsinki Patch 6 Hot Fix 1

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