HR Case Management users can't see related email details like "To" and "Cc" while in the case or incident records


The user has a very narrow set of roles granted to them and none of these are capable of viewing email record details.



A new user, in this example an HR Case Management user, is unable to view email notifications sent or received on HR Cases or even Incident records.  Below screen shot demonstrates what the affected users is presented.  
The user might not know about missing email related details until somebody shows them what the record should be displaying like, as shown below.
Note: Field data in the above screen shots has been purposely hidden due to privacy concerns, but in a real world example, full "To" and "Cc" email addresses are shown in the "working" example.  The fact the the email notification displays in the second screenshot confirms that the affected user isn't seeing the email as they should.


Similar results are shown for incident records owned and update by the user in question.  They will be unable to view email notification details in the record.  

This can happen for a couple of reasons. Either the below system property defining the email visability is too narrow or the user needs to be granted a role which is already a defined role which is granted permission (like ITIL).
1. Determine the value for system property glide.ui.activity.email_roles.
To see which roles have the ability to view email details, navigate to "System Properties"-->All and query where name = glide.ui.activity.email_roles.
Note the value(s) for the next step.
2. See which roles the user has been granted.  Navigate to "User Administration" -->User and query wehere name = user.  View which roles the user has been granted.

1. Grant the user in question either of the two roles which are listed in the glide.ui.activity.email_roles (in this case itil or sn_customerservice_agent).  
2. Alernatively, you can add one of the roles which the user already has to the system property value.  

Note: More information about the system property "glide.ui.activity.email_roles" can be found at in the in our documentation as follows:


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