Performance Analytics - Properties limiting the number of Indicator records and Breakdown elements appearing on a Scoresheet


This articles shows some troubleshooting guidelines following recent use cases where some PA system properties were affecting the Scoresheet layout. 

More information on all the PA properties available can be found in the  documentation below:

Performance Analytics properties

Use the Event Management overview dashboard


Max records for indicator source

In case the Job logs [] for the 'History Daily SLA Data' job throws an error message similar to this:
Message: Fetched too many rows from indicator source Cases.IndSource.SLA. Allowed: 50,000 fetched: 54,782

This means the indicator source is returning more records than the limit set by the system property "". The default value is 50000, this value needs to be increased to resolve the issue. Loading performance issues might be encountered for values over 100000.


Max elements for scoresheet

In case the Scoresheet "Case Source SLA Indicator" [] does not show expected existing breakdowns for the scorecard []:
This means the property "" may be limiting display of breakdowns which have more elements than its set value (default value is 500).
Changing the property value will ensure the breakdowns show on the scoresheet. However this may impact on the instance performance, when the number of elements is over one thousand, as elements on the scoresheet are not paginated like on the detailed scorecard, and the table list legibility may be reduced.
As a workaround, as this is an automated indicator, and the scoresheet is primarily a tool to update the score for manual indicators and manual breakdowns, it is recommended to use the breakdown tab on the detailed scorecard to properly filter breakdown elements.

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