Reference Icons on forms no longer produce the popup preview on hover.






The behavior of the reference icon that displays next to a reference field on a form or at the beginning of each row in a list has changed with the Kingston release.

Starting with Kingston, the preview popup no longer displays when a user hovers over the icon. From Kingston forward, users are required to click on the icon in order to show the preview popup and then have the option to open the record from the popup view. This behavior is consistent across the platform anywhere this icon is used. This change was made to bring ServiceNow into compliance with accessibility requirements and to provide a more consistent user experience throughout the platform across devices.


Additional Information

For more information about this change, see the following pages in the product documentation:

Custom UI Pages containing reference fields created using Jelly scripting still produce the popup preview on hover.


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Last Updated:2018-08-08 16:52:46