On a Visual Task Board, the "Additional assignee" field in a task record (incident, problem, change, enhancement, etc) uses dependent attributes of the "Assigned to" field.


Steps to Reproduce

Note: In order to reproduce this issue on Enhancement records, activate the "SDLC - SCRUM" plugin. However, it can also be reproduced on any task record, like incident, problem, change, etc.

1. Open a task list, for example the enhancement list (rm_enhancement.list).
2. Open a record and set "Assignment Group" field to any group, for example "CAB Approval".
3. Go back to the list opened at step 1.
4. On the Number column, right click and select "Show Visual Task Board".
5. The VTB will come up with the enhancement records.
6. In the VTB view, open the enhancement record which was updated with "Assignment Group" at step 2.
7. Navigate to the Assignee tab on the Visual Task card, and click to expand the "Add additional Assignee" field.
8. Check the user names listed on the lookup. Notice the users belong to the selected "Assignment Group".
As there is no dependent attribute set for "Additional Assignee" field, it would be expected to see all the users displayed without filter from the sys_user table.


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