@Mention functionality not working on journal fields when removing all available fields from activity stream via configuration filter




This issue with the @mention functionality can be reproduced with the steps below:

Steps to reproduce the issue

1. Log on to any out of the box Jakarta instance
2. Impersonate any user, for example "System Administrator"
2. Navigate to "Incident=>Open"
3. Open one of the incident record
4. Go to Notes section
5. Click on Activity filter
6. Uncheck "All" option
7. Reload the form
8. Try using the @mention functionality in one of the journal fields ("comments"/"work notes")



When unchecking the 'All' option in the activity configuration filter, and reloading the form, this is pushed back to the legacy UI15 mode. As per the Activity streams in UI16 and UI15 documentation, the @mention functionality will not work on UI15, it supported only on UI16.

However, In the Kingston release, we see the above issue is not reproducible. Even if all fields are filtered out on Configuration filter, the form stays in UI16 mode and the @mention function works fine as expected.



On Jakarta, the workaround is to make sure the journal fields (comments, work_notes) are always selected on the activity filter.



Upgrade to Kingston release to resolve the issue permenantly.


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Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:18:03