When an Excel attachment size is large, around 175MB and above, the data import fails silently. Administrators should get an error message when the import fails. However a success screen is still shown.


Steps to Reproduce

1. Create a xls data source.
2. Attach a xls file of 175 MB.
3. Click on load all records.
4. Notice how the UI quickly switches to data loaded screen. If you check for the import set or staging table, this is NOT created. Only the import log shows an error.


If this issue is still occurring on a Kingston instance, please contact SN Customer Support to check when a fixing patch can be deployed.

A possible workaround is to split the XLS file into smaller files and load and transform them separately. Also, always review the import logs for any error messages related to the import executed.

See also PRB1242566/KB0676133


Related Problem: PRB916592

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