Administrators are unable to export the results from "Active transactions (All nodes)" into a report using the List menu "Export" to XML, excel, csv, json, etc.

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Steps to Reproduce

  1. Go to active Transactions (all nodes) list.
    2. Right click on node id
    3. Choose export from list
    4. Export to excel, CSV, or any other format available from the list menu
    5. Download the export

    You will see the report only contains the header.

    No rows exported


Instead of using the list view to export the data, open the the v_cluster_transaction list directly (full frame/outside the nav_to.do frame) and export directly from the URL by adding the format at the end of the URL.

e.g <instance>/v_cluster_transaction_list.do?CSV

Alternatively, use the required format.

Alternatively, you can emulate the code from the loading_transactions.do UI page.  For example:

var vct = new VClusterTransaction('v_cluster_transaction');
var id = vct.informOtherNodes();
gs.log("Querying v_cluster_transaction", "SOURCE");
var gr = new GlideRecord("v_cluster_transaction");
gr.addQuery("age", ">", gs.getDurationDate('0 0:1:0'));
while ( gr.next() ) {
  // Now that the virtual table is populated, query the physical table and do something:
  gs.log("LONG RUNNING TRANSACTION OVER 1 MINUTE: SESSION=" + gr.session_id + " AGE=" + gr.age + " URL=" + gr.url, "SOURCE" );

Related Problem: PRB1244714

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