In the Service Portal, after clicking an attachment to download it from a KB article, clicking on the breadcrumb redirects to a blank page. The link addresses get corrupted with "sys_attachment.do" instead of the default csm.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Login a pre-New York instance.
2. Activate the plugin Customer Service Portal and wait for completion.
3. Navigate to the Service Portal - Customer Service Portal.
4. Open the knowledge base "Customer Service".
5. In the Knowledge section, add a new record (i.e. KB001001).
6. Attach a PDF to the new article created.
7. Create the attachment link on a text within the article, highlighting it, and clicking on 'Insert/Edit Link'. Select Type 'Attchement', URL to the PDF attached, Target 'None'.
8. Navigate to the Service Portal and look for the article created.
9. Verify the PDF link address is in the format /sys_attachment.do?sys_id=<sys_id>, the breadcrumb Home link is in the format /csm?id=csm_index, and the Knowledge Base link is in the format /csm?id=kb_view2.
10. Click on the link to download the PDF.
11. After downloading, observe the breadcrumb Home link is /sys_attachment.do?id=csm_index and the Knowledge Base link is /sys_attachment.do?id=kb_view2.
12. Click on one of these altered links and you will be redirect to a blank page.


The workaround before New York consisted in the following:

1 - Set the link target to "New Window" in the 'Insert/edit Link' dialog box

2 - Create the hyperlink text in the KB article for the user to be able to download a pdf

3 - Edit the HTML source code by clicking the button '<>' adding  target="_blank" after the sys_id
For example:
<p><a title="judge.pdf" href="/sys_attachment.do?sys_id=b3b12771130bba003f8cbae32244b017" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">judge.pdf</a> (with target=_blank)</p>


Related Problem: PRB1031163

Seen In

Helsinki Patch 9a

Fixed In

New York

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