When applying a Client email template to an email form, if too many TO,CC or BCC addresses are added the addresses overlaps the field and cause issues with copy/paste for the fields.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Navigate to System Policy > Email > Client Templates.
  2. Create a new client template:
    • Name: Test
    • Table: Incident
    • Put 15 email addresses into the BCC, TO, or CC fields
  3. Save.
  4. Open an incident form.
  5. Click the 3 dots for more options, then click Email.

The BCC field is populated and displayed beyond its containing textbox, and the addresses cannot be copied.


Create a global ui script as below which increases the size of the fields on that form only: 
if (window.location.pathname === "/email_client.do") { 

Related Problem: PRB922779

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