How to customize the record delete popup warning message



If you run into the situation where you need to delete task records, and want to customize the popup warning message generated from any delete UI Action, this article will be helpful. Below is a sample screenshot of the warning message shown while deleting records from an incident list.


Delete warning message


Additional information

The delete confirmation and warning message come from the following out of the box UI Page in the instance:



You can customize the code in this UI Page navigating to:



Please note that when you make changes to any out of the box object, this will be considered as a customized component on your instance, hence skipped during a future upgrade. It is recommended to trace and note down these customizations, to make sure to not overlook any unwanted skipped updates, or to confirm the customizations validity in the upgraded version.


Please refer to the following documentation on how to handle customizations during an upgrade:

Best practices for creating, testing, and moving customizations

Overwrite customizations during an upgrade

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Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:18:19