How to update the Connect Chat Desktop notification icon



When users do not have any profile image set up in their live_profile record, the system will pick up the default ServiceNow logo, and will show that on the Connect Desktop notification for the user. As soon as a personalized profile image is set in live_profile record, that will be picked up instead, overriding the default SN logo.

Some customers might have business requirements for which they do not want to set a personal profile image, however they do not even want to see the ServiceNow logo, rather their company logo instead. This article will describe how to achieve this requirement.



The default Connect Desktop notification icon is picked up from the [db_image] table as shown in the screenshot here:

Default Connect Desktop notification logo


Please follow the steps listed below to update the default Connect Desktop notification icon.

1. Open the [db_image] table.
2. Find the specific file native_notification_icon.png.
3. Upload a new png image into the 'native_notification_icon' record.
4. Flush the instance cache performing a /
5. Have a user with no live_profile photo/image send you a Connect Chat message.
6. The desktop notification generated by this message should now pop up with the newly uploaded image. 

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Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:18:23