Issue Summary

I have a loop in a workflow that sometimes is not completing. Workflow gets cancelled after 32 iterations.


Most Probable Cause

Workflow has stopped after 32 iterations because Activity count exceeds max number allowed for the workflow version. By default max count will be set as 100. But here, the count reached to 101.


Solution Proposed

As a workaround, increase the max activity count to 300. It will allow the loop to continue until workflow activity count reaches to 300.

To change the maximum number of workflow activities:

  1. Navigate to Workflow > Workflow Editor.
  2. Check out a workflow.
  3. In the title bar, click the Workflow Properties icon.
  4. Click the Activities tab.
  5. In the Max activity count field, enter a value that accommodates the expected number of executing activities for the workflow.
  6. Click Update.



Article Information

Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:18:25